Pixels WSC 3.0 Style

  • Paul added a new file:

  • Hello Adler

    Please add the following to your style's CSS Advanced Settings:

  • I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you Adler . Please add the following to the style's CSS Advanced Settings:

  • Hello tunhj1, I do not have that plugin installed so it will be a little difficult for me to explain how to fix the issue. If you right click in the blank space (where the words have a white color) and then inspect the element you should be able to see what element controls the color there. You will have to add the CSS with a different color than white to the style's Advanced Settings.

  • If anyone else is having this issue, please add the following to the style's Advanced Settings:

    1. .htmlContent table th, .messageBody > .messageText table th, .messageSignature > div table th, .redactor-layer table th, .table th {
    2. border-bottom: 2px solid currentColor;
    3. color: $wcfContentText;
    4. }